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Name : Angel
Location: Guangdong
Country: China
Age: 37
Height: 173 cm.
Weight: 51 kg.
Eyes color: Schwarz
Smoking: Ich rauche nicht
Marital status: War nicht verheiratet
Children: Keine Kinder
Education: Hochschule
Occupation: Koch
Languages: Englisch
About: Thanks for looking at my profile! I'm Angel from Philippines, I am a very sensitive and cheerful woman and very simple. I am an easy going and can get along with various of personalities in my way..i am sweet and feminine woman and have great qualities for a lifelong partner. I'm a little reserved but I'm very passionate girl! I am a great catch and am lots of fun! I have a youthful vibe. I'm still waiting to start a life with someone - I'm not been there and done that like others may be. -) I have had a few great relationships with men who were my best friends but unfortunately the fireworks that would inspire them to marriage were not there for them. I think this is shallow thinking and therefore I am not looking for some elusive "fireworks" while forsaking the qualities and communication that form the basis for a great, lifelong relationship. I’m really looking for a peer. Someone mature honest and carrying, educated. Someone who can be my best friend who I am attracted to. I've found it before so just know I'll find it again.
Requirements to partner: I am looking for a man who knows how to stand on his own feet and be a man and be independent..A man that is caring and sensitive to the feelings of hi woman..An honest one and a happy person and i will make sure that he will be happy with me too..I like to wake up with a man that i can smile in the morning..In short, i want a man that can love me and i will in return..

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