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Name : Darya
Location: Nizny Novgorod
Country: Russland
Age: 25
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.
Eyes color: Braun
Smoking: Ich rauche nicht
Marital status: Ledig
Children: Keine Kinder
Education: Hochschule
Occupation: Übersetzer, Managerin
Languages: Russisch; Englisch; Deutsch
About: Ich bin humorvoll, kontaktfreudig und romantisch. Ich mag Music , Kino, Lesen, singen, tanzen etc=) I also know English,German. My hobbies are travelling, singing (since i was 4),reading,music,learning foreign languages(especially Deutsch) So, I'm sociable, well-educated,energetic and pretty girl)
Requirements to partner: Mann 19-25 Jahre. Humorvoll und aktiv.He should be kind,friendly, well-educated, clever, have different interests and open for new relations,communication)

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Profil 35042 from 22.4.2012
updated 28.5.2013


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