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Имя : Elena
Место жительства: Olaine
Страна: Lettland
Возраст: 45
Рост: 168 cm.
Вес: 60 kg.
Цвет глаз: Braun
Курение: Ich rauche nicht
Семейное положение: Geschieden
Дети: 1 Kind
Образование: Hochschule
Профессия: Beauty
Знание языков: Englisch, Russisch
О себе: About me Lady exotic, with the fine eyes, loving warmly - and solar, and in relations. I bring during a life beauty and success. My hobby I listen to a rate of lectures "For true ladies and gentlemen" from Vedicheskih knowledge. I am interested in yoga, I like to dance (was engaged salsa), to go to cinema, to read books, to communicate with different interesting people, to travel and study languages, culture and cuisine of different peoples.
Требование к партнёру: I'm looking for Responsible, generous (and soul including), wise, patient, devoted, capable for the sake of lady or high aim to make noble acts and feats. Able to listen and substitute a strong shoulder. And capable begin the wizard of my life. Do you want to be the Wizard of my life and work miracles for me? НЕ ТЫ ЛИ ХОЧЕШЬ СТАТЬ ВОЛШЕБНИКОМ В МОЕЙ ЖИЗНИ? И ТВОРИТЬ ДЛЯ МЕНЯ ЧУДЕСА!

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