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Nombre(-s) : Elena
Lugar de residencia: Novorossiysk
País: Russland
Edad: 58
Estatura: 162 cm.
Peso: 62 kg.
Color de los ojos: Grün
Fuma: Ich rauche nicht
Estado civil: Geschieden
Hijos: 1 Kind
Nivel cultural: Universität
Profesión: Jurist
Dominio de idiomas: Etwas Englisch, Russisch
Sobre mí: I all life dreamt of the man who would not fall asleep under sounds of classical music! I dreamt of the man who could pass magic sounds of music or a vocal of the soloist through heart! I would be proud, if near to me there was a man who could cry and laugh, bewitched by this magic of sounds! Its tears and laughter, would speak not about weakness of its character, and about presence of the big spirit and pure heart! I do not search for the man with whom I could live! I search for the man without whom, I could not live!
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