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Name : Lyudmila
Location: Shu
Country: Kasachstan
Age: 30
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 58 kg.
Eyes color: Grün
Smoking: Ich rauche nicht
Marital status: Ledig
Children: Keine Kinder
Education: Universität
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch
About: I am calm and forward to meeting with you I would have liked to wake up your morning just to spend time together. I like to constantly look beautiful. I will be honest and loving, trusting, calm, dedicated, kind, confident and gentle, but with a purpose in life. I will be wise in making decisions, but near me want to be young and playful mood. I would have shown their feelings, care and love verbally or physically. I will not to cook and clean .. In public I will be modest. I will only flirt with you. My friends trust me with everything I have asked the Board if they need help, they believe that with me a pleasure stay close and talk, and they know that I will never judge them I dream -- To iron your hair, when we sit on the couch, or when you're nervous, reassure you, I have a smile that makes you feel better when you see me. I am kind, loving, shows his affection through touch. I know how to be pretty close to you and look at you as if you are for me only. I feel that I am important to you, calm and thoughtful, and when I say, I say exactly what I want to say in lyubyaschem.ili what should be said
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